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Earn $Money
By Becoming
A Sales Affiliate NOW! 

Earn $50 commission for every sensor leased to any new customer

How It Works

Signup to be an affiliate with Pro Care By Coolest, and get your own affiliate dashboard with links to share on your website or on social media.

Step 1

Checkout and Test at-least one of our sensors

Step 2

Step 3

Promote Pro Care By Coolest monitoring. 

Step 4

Get Paid for each customer that signs-up 

The perfect business solution to promote as an affiliate. 

Pro Care By Coolest is a monitoring software as well as a leasing service for wireless sensors. We are an all in one - one stop shop for startup and enterprise sized businesses. 

Since 2012, Pro Care By Coolest has been streamlining operations, protecting inventory, and increasing compliance. As an affiliate you get $50 Commission for each sensor leased & installed by a customer you refer. 

Huge Market Potential

Pro Care By Coolest offers best in class monitoring software & a full wireless sensor list options to best manage an array of facilities and/or equipment. 

Resources to Promote Us

Pro Care By Coolest provides lots of resources to promote our service. Access to a library of creatives including links, banners and materials to promote our service to your audience.

Flexible Industries 

Food Service 




Cold Storage


Facilities Management

And many more....

How much you could be earning.

The Self Starter Plan is the base subscription at $18/Month/Sensor at Pro Care By Coolest. So here is some examples of the amount of money you can earn by leasing these amount of sensors;


Lease 5 sensors to the Starter Plan 


25 Sensors 

Lease 25 sensors to the Starter Plan 


50 Sensors

Lease 50 sensors to the Starter Plan 


100 Sensors

Lease 100 sensors to the Starter Plan 

5 Sensors 

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